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Habito wallboard eliminates the need for wall anchors

Now there’s a wall that can hold its own.

Imagine a wall that does its own heavy lifting. Strong enough to hold incredible weight on a single standard screw. With no stud-finding, predrilling or special fasteners required. It’s here. And it will change the way we live with walls. Apologies to stud finders and wall anchors — but the wall revolution was long overdue.

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A Revolution in Wall Performance

With innovative, high-density formulation, Habito outperforms standard drywall – changing the rules of what walls can do.

  • icon-strongHolds up to 30 lbs on a single screw
  • icon-impactOffers the impact resistance of a 5/8″ abuse board in a 1/2″ product
  • icon-soundBlocks sound to adjoining room better than standard 1/2″ drywall
  • icon-scoreScore and snap installation
  • icon-easyMakes decorating and redecorating easy

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Hanging television directly on Habito wallboard

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Hanging TV bracket directly on Habito wallboard

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